Iran Deal And Shoah Lesson


As proud children of Jewish Holocaust survivors, we strongly condemn President Obama’s
recent statement that Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu are the only ones
who oppose your ill-conceived deal with Iran (a fact mentioned in several recent stories and editorials).

The president, and those who support him, are quick to appear at annual Holocaust
memorial commemorations and utter the words “we shall never forget.”
But, with this deal, it is abundantly clear that the president has indeed forgotten,
or perhaps never understood, the lessons of the Holocaust. He had the option to do what is right or to yield to a
murderous, oppressive regime. He regrettably chose to appease the enemy and
has received nothing in return but a promise made by a government
that is infamous for breaking past promises.

The president claims that the alternative is going to war. Well, we do not
believe it. We grew up learning of the horrors of war and we too are against
it. But we also grew up learning of the disastrous outcome of appeasement
and of not standing up to the evils of the world. Iran, as long as it daily
still calls for the destruction of Israel, as long as it daily supports
terrorism throughout the Middle East, as long as it daily continues to burn
the American flag and as long as it continues to hold American hostages, is
one such evil of the world. To permit this regime to have nuclear weapons in
another 10 to 15 years is an unconscionable act.

Thankfully there is today an Israel and many educated members of Congress who
are not afraid to stand up for what is right. History will judge them

Mark Sarna

Anita Perkiel Sarna

Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors Englewood, N.J.