J Street Poll On Iran


In a recent Letter to the Editor, Benyamin Korn writes that a J Street poll
of American Jewish opinion on the Iran deal, which demonstrated that a clear
majority of American Jews support the recently negotiated deal, is suspect,
because the poll was done before the details of the deal were made public
(“Premature Polling,” July 29). Mr. Korn wonders whether the results would
be different now that the Jewish community has had a chance to examine the

Happily, we have an answer for Mr. Korn. J Street conducted a second poll,
the results of which were released on July 28, which demonstrated that a
full 60 percent of American Jews support the agreement even after learning about its
specifics. Not only is that still a clear majority, but it is, in fact, a
higher majority than the general American public, of which 56 percent supports the

Jewish communal institutions and organizations that are lobbying so hard
against this agreement would do well to examine who it is, exactly, they
claim to represent.

J Street NYC