On Rabbi Rosenblatt


 I was very pained in reading Gary Rosenblatt’s column, “In Riverdale, Split Deepens Over Rabbi” (Sept. 25). 

Sure there is still a place for Rabbi Rosenblatt teaching, writing, consulting, et al. But if people like Ludwig Bravmann, witnesses to our people’s darkest days, 90 years old, to whom the shul’s board, reputation and place in the community is and was so vital — and to so many of his colleagues — are unsettled at this late stage in their lives, having given far more to Judaism than me (my small contribution is activism), it is unconscionable that the rabbi remains at Riverdale Jewish Center. Sadly, it is not selfless on his part that he does so.

Far be it for me to judge Rabbi Rosenblatt, as I do not judge him, but simply note the basic inappropriate facts and that they are what they are. He cannot preside over such a congregational split. People like Ludwig Bravmann should bask in their life’s accomplishments, not rue the days that remain for them to enjoy the damaged fruits of their community building.

Great Neck, L.I.