The Sound of Silence


The sound of silence following Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s
admonishment of the United Nations General Assembly for not uttering a peep in
the face of Iran’s repeated pledge in its chambers to eradicate Israel speaks
mountains about the status relegated the sole Middle East democracy by the
world peacekeeping organization.

But what speaks even louder was the purposeful absence of U.S. Ambassador to
the United Nations Samantha Power and Secretary of State John Kerry, who were
called away by President Obama.

This shun should not come as a surprise because while Obama speaks often and
loudly of an “unshakeable bond when it comes to our commitment to
Israel’s security,” it is exceedingly obvious by his actions that this
administration does not have Israel’s back.

While Obama is big on the empty words, the world has no reason to doubt
Netanyahu when he says he will do what is necessary to protect Israel and
Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei when he vows “death to
America” and “death to Israel.”

Now that Iran, allied with Russia’s Putin and Syria’s Assad, is
aggressively adversarial, one need wonder what will it take for America to
wake up and take Obama to task for his glaring inability to put some muscle
behind his words.