Naïve Mentality


Your Editorial, “A Stab In Jewish Hearts” (Oct. 16), correctly speaks out against the unfairness of making an equivalence between those Israelis who are killed at the hands of terrorists and the terrorists who are killed while trying/succeeding to kill innocent people.

This is the result of a mentality of peace at any price, whether applied to individual Palestinian terrorists or to terrorist states such as Iran. Our president, secretary of state and the leaders of a number of allied governments have in effect been saying that another Mideast war is unthinkable, the result being that those who attack the Free World need not be afraid of any alternative to peace.

The Jewish Week must continue to vigorously protest “equivalence” comments by such Western leaders as Secretary [of State John] Kerry and to insist that President Obama give diplomatic cover to Israel as our most — and only — reliable ally in the Middle East.

West Bloomfield, Mich.