Inadequate Reporting


Palestinians are attacking Israelis — stabbing them, running them over, attacking them with meat cleavers, shooting them. And another Jewish Week front-page article avoids giving voice to the Jewish victims and their families. Instead, Israel correspondent Joshua Mitnick interviews Palestinians and conveys their concerns and complaints, the formula for his articles in the Christian Science Monitor and Wall Street Journal (“Attacks Testing Notion Of Coexistence,” Oct. 23).

This was followed by another Palestinian-centered report by Israel correspondent Nathan Jeffay, “What’s Behind the Rage” (Oct. 23), in which he lectures Netanyahu on actions he should be taking.        

A few weeks ago Israel reporter Michelle Chabin, also a correspondent for USA Today, dumbed down the Palestinian violence in “The New Normal — Pepper Spray And Jiu-Jitsu,” devoid of the stories of the Jewish victims as well.  

Why do we need The “Jewish” Week if it reads like a carbon copy of the mainstream media, for whom its correspondents also write? Where are American Jews supposed to learn about what our brothers and sisters in Israel are experiencing and suffering, if not from The Jewish Week?