Nevada Precinct Captain Calls Bernie ‘Socialist Jew’ [VIDEO]


Nevada voters in Clark County's Precinct 3361 say the captain called Bernie Sanders a “socialist Jew” in an attempt to garner support for Hillary Clinton, according to a video posted Sunday.

In the video, a Sanders supporter and volunteer named Brian (whose last name was obscured) drove 4 hours from California to observe and film the southern Nevada caucus on February 20th. When he started to speak about his support for Sanders, wearing a “Bernie for the Future” T-shirt, Hillary supporters booed and shouted him down.

The precinct captain suggested raising a motion to allow only Nevada voters in the room. The motion was swiftly passed. Brian, a California resident, was forced to wait outside the room until after the votes were counted.

According to one Nevada woman (who voted against the motion to kick non-Nevada voters out), after Brian left the room, the precinct captain said, “The reason to vote for Hillary over Bernie is because Bernie is a socialist Jew.”

The woman said she then raised a motion to stop the captain from speaking, which quickly passed. Her 18-year-old daughter confirmed this report.

“Everybody stood up and was like, ‘No, if you guys can kick them out, you cannot speak after saying that,’” she said.

Both were outraged by the conduct of the meeting and the captain’s remark.

“It was ugly and I’m embarrassed and we might as well have been sitting in a room full of Republicans,” the woman said. “That was bad.”

Neither the Clinton nor the Sanders campaigns have yet responded to requests for comment.

Watch the full video below.