Not A Part To Legal Case


Quoting from Gary Rosenblatt’s Sept. 2 column, “Anatomy of a Takedown”: “This is a … tale of what can happen when the impulse among some … to lash out — in a fierce and often personally damaging way — with whom they disagree plays out. It’s about the harmful ripple effect fueled by… a facts-and-intention-be-damned approach: Ready, Fire, Aim. …The results, fed by self/righteousness … and a miscalculation and feelings of hurt and alienation.”

This fits the story about Shulamith School for Girls, also on the front page (“Day School Teachers’ Battle For Back Wages Coming To A Head”). Unfortunately your reporter did not adequately distinguish between Shulamith of Brooklyn and Shulamith of Long Island, against whom the lawsuit was filed. Shulamith of Brooklyn is not a party to this unfortunate legal proceeding yet was victimized with calumny in your paper. Even though a correction appears on your web page, the damage has been done. I trust it will be corrected in print as well.

Executive Director Shulamith School for Girls of Brooklyn

Editor’s Note: See Editor’s Note, above.