Not Healed Yet


All of us would like to see Riverdale heal and return to the community that we believed it was (“Enough On RJC,” Letters, Aug. 26).

But there is much more that needs to be done before the process can proceed. Many members of the Riverdale Jewish Center left the synagogue over leadership inadequacies, lack of transparency and Rabbi Jonathan Rosenblatt’s outrageous behavior — and these three issues are all entangled at various points.

When similar issues crop up in more right-wing communities, Modern Orthodox people tend to pat themselves on the back, feeling that we are more sophisticated and educated and these things could never happen amongst us. Alas, we are wrong.

What the RJC needs to truly recover are a professionally written sexual harassment policy, a forensic accounting for a minimum of the last five years so that we truly can get a full picture of events, and a monthly meeting of the RJC membership, where the administration actually shares information and where members can place items on the agenda so they can have a say in decisions that are made.

Riverdale, Bronx