Invisible Arab Owners


Nathan Jeffay is glaringly unaware of the fact that there are no Arab owners of the land on which Amona and Ofra stand (“Likud Undermining Court On Outposts,” Sept. 30).

No Arab has come forward with title papers of any kind. That is because when Jordan distributed land indiscriminately, there was no purchase involved. So there are no ownership papers that Arabs have for the land which has been home to 50 Jewish families for the past 19 years. Why the Israeli Supreme Court continues to rule in favor of invisible Arab owners of “privately owned Palestinian land” is a mystery that defies explanation. Amona is not the only case. There are countless examples of this illogical activity on the part of the court.

It is arrogant and unacceptable for Jeffay to high-handedly dismiss the actions of the 25 Likud members who would like the land to retroactively be declared legitimate. It is distressing that he labels the devoted Jews who live in Judea and Samaria, the promised land of Israel, as “hardline settlers.”

Americans for a Safe Israel/AFSI is supporting the application of sovereignty for Judea and Samaria and is leading a solidarity mission to Amona and Ofra in November. We invite Jeffay to join us and learn the truth about the “settlements.” We invite other truth seekers to join us also.

Helen Freedman
Co-Executive Director
Americans for a Safe Israel/AFSI