Ashamed Of Jewish Week


I am ashamed that The Jewish Week would join the unfair and slanderous media in support of the corrupt, lying, immoral Hillary Clinton. She is responsible for the turmoil in the Middle East by ISIS, which did not exist when she took office. As a result of her and President Obama’s weak policies, . The radical Muslims took over Libya, the Muslim Brotherhood took over Egypt, ISIS took control of much of Iraq and Syria with American weapons and armor, etc.

You can’t really see much good she did in the 30 years in public life — no bills, no treaties. Look at her record. She promised 200,000 jobs for New York and at the end of her term there were 6,000 fewer jobs. Trump in all his businesses did more to help the U.S. economy with jobs than she. He’s a man of action, not words and promises. And look at all the scandals: emails, Clinton Foundation and all the inhumane foreign donors like Saudi Arabia, Qatar. Also Russia gave millions to the Clinton Foundation and got a lucrative uranium contracts for Russia in return. foreign donors when she was Secretary of State.

I just can’t believe The Jewish Week would get on the biased anti-Trump bandwagon of the American media, like The New York Times, etc. Donald Trump, by his successes in business, has shown that his promise to make America great again is not just empty words.

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