Trump Is Superior Candidate


I am not surprised. Gary Rosenblatt moved to the dark side a while ago and this editorial just reinforces his lack of understanding of today’s realities.

To be sure, Donald Trump is not a good candidate — not by a long shot. But, compared to Hillary Clinton in areas that REALLY matter, he is the far superior candidate.

This editorial does not mention Clinton’s pro-Iran deal support, which will lead to the deaths of thousands.

This editorial does not mention her support for Black Lives Matter, whose anti-Semitic and anti-Israel platforms are a disgrace.

This editorial does not mention that her vice presidential pick is J Street’s best friend in Congress (reminder, the co-chair of J Street’s Rabbinic Cabinet has compared Israel to an addicted drunk).

This editorial does not mention the Clinton-[George] Soros connection and what that means to the future of Israel.

The list of things that make Hillary Clinton dangerous to the future of the free world goes on and on. The “self-called” intellectual establishment has screwed the world up. It is time for a change.

But, as I started, I am not surprised.

Los Angeles

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