On Rabbinic Placement


The Academy for Jewish Religion (AJR), the oldest pluralistic seminary in the United States, welcomes Rabbis Without Borders’ Rabbi Rebecca Sirbu’s new entry into the world of rabbinic placement (“New Rabbi Placement Service Bypasses Branches,” Oct. 28).

She is correct that with the rise of unaffiliated synagogues, there are many congregations, organizations and clergy who are not being served by the denominational movements. We hope that this website will help serve that need.

We do want to point out, however, that the non-movement seminaries have been successfully serving this community for many years. In fact, AJR has a nearly 100 percent placement rate. A legitimate concern is raised in the article as to the lack of vetting of candidates in an unmoderated website. The AJR placement service works personally and directly with each synagogue and organization, and provides careful attention to each one while working to direct the most appropriate, vetted, well-prepared candidates to apply for the positions.

Executive Vice President and Academic Dean Academy for Jewish Religion Riverdale, Bronx