Charges Jewish Week With Anti-Semitism


I was already shocked by The Jewish Week’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton (Editorial, Oct. 14), ignoring all her known negatives as well as her ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and her advocacy for mass Muslim immigration.

Then I read the Opinion essay by Jerome Chanes (“Why Donald Trump Is Worse Than An Anti-Semite,” Oct. 28). It not only accused Donald Trump of being an anti-Semite, or worse, but also his supporters like me.

I know anti-Semitism, as my parents escaped Vienna in 1938 while most of their families and friends were killed by the Nazis. They found their way to Shanghai where they were eventually interned by the Japanese. Their first-born infant daughter and my mother’s father died painful deaths among the squalor of internment.

I am finding that The Jewish Week has become increasingly intolerant, with people like Mr. Chanes spewing hateful left-wing lies. In my opinion it is Mr. Chanes and many others at The Jewish Week who are the real anti-Semites.

Obviously The Jewish Week doesn’t want to have anything to do with Jews like me other than to get money from a subscription.

I just don’t understand why leftist Jews, like the writers and editors in your paper, always put the interests of the progressive movement and the Democratic party ahead of the welfare of Israel and the Jewish people.