Everyone Wonders ‘Which Trump?’


“Jews Reject Trump Even As He Rolls” (Page 1 headline, Nov. 11)

What am I, as a Trump voter, chopped liver? Editorial: “Which Trump Will We Get?”  “… [O]ur national nightmare just beginning.”

We? Our? “National nightmare”? 

The Jewish Week is not a leftist adjunct to the Democratic Party. It is inexcusable for the newspaper to continue to ignore and disrespect Jews who do not share its left-wing agenda. Hundreds of thousands of Jews voted to elect Donald Trump. Millions support the democratically elected government of Israel (another problem for The Jewish Week) and proudly stand up for our college students in the BDS wars. It is time for your readers to stop being force fed narratives that seriously weaken our Jewish community.

Editor’s Note: The “we” referred to above is the Jewish community, not any particular segment. And as stated in the Editorial, the “national nightmare” phrase referred to “the majority of American Jews, who voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton.”