Proud Reader


Henry Marbach’s Letter (Nov. 11) berates The Jewish Week for endorsing Hillary Clinton, “ignoring all her negatives” (unspecified). I’d point to just a few of her many positives, including an excellent voting record on Israel in her eight years as a U.S. senator from New York.

Marbach informs us that his parents escaped the horrors of the Nazis, yet he supports a party who seeks to deny refugees trying to escape from the similar terrifying horrific conditions in Syria.

He closes stating that The Jewish Week, “Puts the interests of the progressive movement and Democrat Party ahead of the welfare of Israel and the Jewish people.” Just wondering why 70 percent of Jews voted for Hillary.

I will always protest whenever bigotry and prejudice rear their ugly heads, whether against Hispanics, blacks, Muslims, gays, Jews, women, etc. This is the essence of Judaism engrained in me, and I am proud to be a longtime subscriber of The Jewish Week.

Past President, Northeast Queens Jewish Council