Answering Ellison’s Question


So Keith Ellison [the Democratic congressman favored to chair the Democratic National Committee] feels that the U.S. is the ATM machine for Israel, and asks if that makes sense (“Battle Over Ellison Heats Up,” Dec. 9).

Yes, it does make sense, when Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East that protects the right of its citizens to freely worship, which includes converts to Islam like himself as well as Christians. It makes sense when much of the Arab world is in chaos and Israel is the only stable nation in the region that has forged a relationship with Gulf states, Egypt and Jordan against Iran and other terror groups.

Ellison must realize that if Israel laid down its weapons it would no longer exist. Israel’s fight is for all democratic states around the world that value freedom and security.

I am happy to see Chaim Saban, a major financial supporter of Israel, flex his muscles on the Ellison issue. I hope he can influence other wealthy Jewish donors to do the same. Money talks.

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