Defining ‘News’


In response to your Editorial, “Don’t ‘Read All About It’” (Dec. 2), your insights are essential for the public to understand and appreciate the meaning of the word “news.” The only kind of reporting that can justify the title “news” is information compiled and reported with a conviction to achieve veracity. 

Opinion and free speech must not be confused with “news.” The process of reporting news should represent the highest standard of journalistic excellence. There is no such thing as “fake news.” If it’s fake, it’s not news. 

You are right to be concerned about “the dangers of a society that literally can’t separate fact from fiction — and starts not to care about the difference.” There must be a vigorous effort by news organizations, social media and the citizenry to insist that accuracy and truth be the beginning, middle and end in the presentation of information. 

Thanks much for your editorial leadership.