Wrong Approach On Immigration


With huge disappointment, I learned that Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Sudan and Yemen were named by President Trump as seven countries in his executive order ban on refugees (“As Immigration Crisis Deepens, Jews, Muslims Draw Closer,” Feb. 3).

Visiting Sudan a few weeks ago on a humanitarian mission to the Salam Center for Cardiac Surgery run by Emergency USA, an international nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide free, high-quality medical and surgical treatment to the victims of war, land mines and poverty, I saw firsthand the importance of having strong U.S.-Sudan relations. I am probably one of the last Americans to visit Sudan before Trump enacted the order, and his contempt for Muslims is reprehensible.

During my visit, I had numerous opportunities to speak with the Sudanese people about the importance of our relations. I can attest that the people I spoke to are peace-loving individuals who are lost as to why the U.S. treats Sudan and other Muslim countries with disrespect and contempt.

Unfortunately, the current administration continues on the same course. I call upon congressional leaders to challenge President Trump’s executive order to prevent people from those seven countries coming to the U.S. Singling out Muslims is not the way to be an example for the world.

Executive Director
Emergency USA, Greater New York City Area