Acceptance Moving Slowly


Re: “OU Nixes Women Rabbis: What Else Is New?” Feb. 10: It would be nice to know which rabbis were in favor of accepting yoatzot halacha (women highly trained in the laws related to ritual impurity and family relations).

In the end, things are changing, even if it is slowly. I believe 15 years from now [the idea of women rabbis] will be more accepted, and in 30 years either it will be completed accepted within Orthodoxy or there will be a split.

But I think it will be that right wing (Yeshiva University/Orthodox Union) will merge with ultra-Orthodox, and Modern Orthodoxy will consist of the left of YU with Chovevi/Maharat and Open Orthodoxy. It used to be that Israel/Zionism separated the charedi world from YU/OU; now it is women’s roles.

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