Jews So Disparate


Re: Gil Troy’s op-ed piece, “A Post-Election Letter To American Jews,” Feb. 3: A couple of things here I take issue with. First, you teach at McGill in Canada, so you might be missing some nuances of the American Jewish experience in your statements here.

Second, you can hardly refer to Israel’s “land lust” when the entire state is smaller than New Jersey. I would call it planning for survival for Jewish people.

Third, Canada seems to allow anti-Semitism to run riot on their university campuses, even more than here in the U.S. I think you are grossly underestimating that movement, and why Trump was elected to keep that from happening — the takeover of our educational system by those radicals.

I agree with your attempt to unite Jews in the U.S. in common concern, but they are as disparate as the 50 states we live in, and the millennials won’t grasp the anti-Semitism issue until it entails them getting thrown out of a university. Yes, people really have become that dense, so a Trump was needed to slam the brick wall.

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