Women Rabbis’ Motivation?


Re: “OU Nixes Women Rabbis: What Else Is New?” Feb. 10: I think as far as women in clergy (and similar questions) it all depends on what is motivating these women as to whether it should be permitted or not.

If the women are motivated because they are trying to get closer to Hashem and are already keeping as much of the Torah as possible by leading frum lives and their motivation with Open Orthodoxy is because they want to get even closer to God, then great, it should be allowed.

But if their motivation is that the Divine written and oral Torah and halacha as we know it, is antiquated and needs to be brought up to date to the modern world, then that obviously is a wrong anti-Jewish approach; the Torah … shouldn’t be made into a “fad” of whatever is today’s style.

That’s the real question here: What is the true motivation for these women?

It seems to me Open Orthodoxy is more motivated by trying to “fix” or on bring “Torah up to date” than by just wanting to get even closer to Hashem and serve Hashem better as women.

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