Pro-Forma Condemnation


We can expect Mosiach to come before President Trump acts on anti-Semitism (“Jewish Groups Now Looking For Trump To Act On Anti-Semitism,” Feb. 24). Many Jews have clung to the idea that Trump, because of his Jewish daughter, would be a staunch friend. His supporters ignored the fact that he re-tweeted messages and symbols from white supremacist and pro-Nazi websites during the campaign and refused to vigorously denounce support from avowed anti-Semites. The other day, when he finally was compelled to speak out, he carefully and without any real emotion, read his prepared remarks that finally condemned anti-Semitism and threats to Jewish institutions.

To underscore how little he cares about the issue, he did not make the

statement personal. When he condemned anti-Semitism, he did not mention his Jewish daughter and grandchildren. He only noted that when he thought that Orthodox reporter at his press conference was accusing him of being an anti-Semite.

Trump continues to enable and empower haters and bullies who

despise Jews, minorities, immigrants, Muslims and refugees. He will never really defend the best of American values.