The Trump Project


Donald Trump’s January inauguration was a historic event for our country and for young people. In spite of the rancor of an outsider assuming the country’s highest leadership position, the occasion was especially noteworthy for high school students who have spent the majority of their youth with a single president in the White House. To mark this auspicious occasion we created the “Pres. Trump Project” and asked teens to write a few sentences describing their hopes, dreams, wishes and fears for the new president of the United States. Their comments appear below, edited only for clarity and length.

On hopes

I would like college not to be so expensive that I have to use all my savings in order to go one year. I want all humans to have the same rights; there should not be violence, hate or superiority. We are all humans living with each other on Earth.
Orli Hartstein, sophomore, Ohio

I hope our new president values each and every American, no matter the race, religion, gender, etc. I wish for peace among Americans so we can be strong in the face of adversity without inner anger tearing us apart.
Leah Packer, sophomore, Maryland

Donald Trump will go down as the best president ever. He is the only president who doesn’t care what others think, speaks his mind, and calls out whomever or whatever person, media outlet, or a group of people think. Trump will defeat ISIS, get the United States out of debt, solve the illegal immigrant problem and will drain the swamp of liberals and politicians who are all talk, no action and are controlled by lobbyists and special interests.
Joseph Terzi, junior, Brooklyn

There was no way I could bring myself to vote for Trump. Throughout the entire election, all he has proven is that he is a racist, sexist idiot who has divided America as well as put us in fear of the next four years. I truly hope that Trump proves me wrong.
Netanya Abramson, senior, Houston

Make a country worthy of an Emmy. Make a country more prosperous than small hands can grasp. Make a country humble enough to invite Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak. Make a country that every singer can belt in. Make a country that is not entertaining, a laughing stock or with crippling healthcare. Make a country that is great again.
Golda Daphna, senior, Long Island

I hope that everyone is treated with equal respect and care no matter their race. Knowing that everything happens according to God’s plan gives me a sense of serenity and hope that ultimately we will grow and unite as a nation.
Hanna Wolfson, sophomore, Ohio

With the future comes wonder, and with wonder comes hope. I hope Americans do not lose faith in the future, for we could not survive without hope.
Addison Horwitz, sophomore, Ohio

I want live in an America that honors the fundamental rights of all Americans, no matter their race, gender, religion, sexuality, status and beliefs. My hope is that President Trump opens up his mind to a diverse and equal America.
Avigayil Rosenberg, sophomore, Ohio

I hope that he’s nothing like what everyone says he will be because he has the fortunate opportunity to prove everyone wrong, and I have hope that he will. If not? Then at least we will know that we were right to doubt him and we’ll trust ourselves the next time.
Noa Spero, junior, Pennsylvania

I hope Trump will continue to talk against establishment politicians who demonize working-class, white Americans. In addition, it is not a virtue to avoid calling out the specific religion that is responsible for most of the world’s terror, and Trump has made at least that clear.
Yaakov A. Miller, senior, New Jersey

I dream of a president who can bridge any chasm existing between any two individuals, races, genders, religions, nations or any other groups. I dream of a time when hate is diminished in the world. But it seems my dreams have been snuffed out for the next four or eight years.
Aharon Nissel, junior, New Jersey

There is but one thing I desire from the Trump administration. It is neither immigration nor tax reform. Simply silence, since the uneventful presidency is always the best.
Rami Levin, freshman, New Jersey

On Israel

I want Trump to support Israel always.
Sigal Import, sophomore, Ohio

I hope for the sake of the United States and for the State of Israel that as allies we stand on the same side of the kaleidoscope. Through the kaleidoscope we see the same colors and shapes spinning around in need of our combination of perspective. Together with the new president we can be strong and have the relationship that can only help the State of Israel and its future.
Jane Zakay, senior, Brooklyn

On fears

I fear the unpreparedness of the president and all of his cabinet members to do their respective duties. I fear the effect that a racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, homophobic and all around disrespectful person can have on the American people and the way the country functions with respect to these issues.
Neil Kalef, sophomore, Ohio

I fear that the Trump administration will set the country back regarding women’s rights, immigrations laws or even just tolerance in general. A lot of people share those fears, and I hope that those fears ultimately inspire people to become politically active. I think we are seeing that happen already, and I saw optimism all around me when I attended the Women’s March in Washington, D.C.
Julia Zimmerman, junior, Moving Traditions member, New York

I’m not looking forward to the Trump presidency. While I am not worrying about restrictions of rights, I’m worried about the division within the United States as a result of this past election, as well as the knowledge and experience of each nominee for Trump’s cabinet based on their performance at their respective hearings.
Liora Finkel, junior, New Jersey

When finding out that Donald Trump would be the new president, one fear came over me: the United States, a free land, won’t really be free anymore due to the new immigration policies. Otherwise I hope that everything goes well and that the wrong choices won’t be made.
Ariel Eskin, sophomore, Ohio

I am nervous to see the long-term decisions he enacts since it seems that President Trump is strongly running with his beliefs, being that he has already issued a controversial executive order in his first month in office. It scares me that in such little time, the president already has managed to have a major impact.
Tehilla Mammon, junior, Long Island

(Photo: Rabbis at T’ruah conference in New York City protest executive order on immigration. Courtesy JTA/ Gili Getz)

On gratitude

I will forever be grateful to President Trump, who has showed me the power in resistance, my voice and my allies. He has mobilized my generation into an educated and powerful force. The new administration truly proves there is always light in the darkness.
Alix Weiss, junior, New York