At The Movies


La Lo Li Land—Inside an Israeli ulpan

Ooh La La Land—King of Persia marries the beautiful Esther

Mangrabber by the C—Trump describes his approach to women

Hidden Shviggers—Jewish women spy on their sons-in-law

Etrogue One—A Sukkot war story

Binding Dory—God commands Abraham to sacrifice a fish

The Secret Life of Putz—Adventures of a dysfunctional Jewish single

Deepwater Verizon—Camera phone secretly records mikvah users

The Girl on the Chrain—A child grows addicted to horseradish

Pete’s Draggin’—Man suffers from erectile dysfunction

Fantastic Beards and Where to Find Them—Walking tour of Crown Heights

Loonmight—Trump attacks his political enemies

A Rival—Hillary is defeated again

Pences—Documentary about Vice President’s family

Yekkie—Jackie Kennedy Onassis discovers her German roots