Responds To Letters


Gary Rosenblatt is right on target by urging our community to talk with each other (“Taking Trump Seriously,” March 10). And The Jewish Week could itself start to cut through many such barriers by responding to important, differing viewpoints regularly appearing in readers’ Letters.

A few examples: Would you please discuss whether the American Jewish community is being put at risk by attacking a president who doesn’t take well to criticism, and whether a two-state solution is or isn’t currently an unattainable “political Messiah.” Also, comment on whether our big tent is wide enough to include as “liberal Zionists” those who support putting the Western Wall in Palestine and creating a border with 1949 lines (via U.N. Resolution 2334) in curbing settlements.

Leading by example by “talking to each other” on such important issues is exactly the medicine our community needs to start repairing its serious divisions.