Honoring Sarsour On Shavuot


Charles S. Temel and Michael S. Miller of the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York are to be commended for their excellent essay regarding Linda Sarsour as the wrong choice for CUNY’s School of Public Health commencement speaker (“Why Linda Sarsour Is Wrong Choice As CUNY Speaker,” Opinion, May 5).

The article brilliantly lays out the amazing contributions Israel has made to the medical profession and the field of public health, from which countries and individuals world-wide derive benefits they would not otherwise have. The authors also state that “what we find so deeply offensive are Sarsour’s ongoing activities as an advocate to delegitimize and ultimately eliminate, the Jewish and democratic State of Israel.”

In addition to all the reasons cited in the piece, June 1, the day of the graduation, is the second day of Shavuot, when Jews in the diaspora go to synagogue to say Yizkor for the deceased. What happened to respect for the Jews attending CUNY?

Co-Executive Director, Americans for a Safe Israel