On Synagogue Dues


Thank you for an excellent front-page story about the growing trend of synagogues to make dues voluntary (“Synagogues Upending Old Model For Dues,” June 2). It’s my hope that this trend will result in more younger families participating in Jewish life.

It’s important that synagogues think out of the box when trying to attract new members. I have another suggestion: Synagogues that decide to continue charging dues might want to consider “mitzvah deductions.” If a congregant does volunteer work, like helping the less fortunate or other good deeds, the synagogue would offer the family a discount — with the amount to be based on the hours or impact of the volunteerism.

A mitzvah dues reduction would encourage synagogue members to not only recite the prayers — but would motivate members to practice what the Torah teaches — making a positive difference in the lives of the less fortunate.

Greenburgh, Westchester