Rosenblatt Biased


I have been reading Gary Rosenblatt in The Jewish Week for many years because he always appeared to be intelligent and informed. But since Donald Trump’s election, I have found his pieces to be terribly slanted and without the basis of truth. I reference only the recent “How Trump Divides Us, And Lessons From ’67” (Between The Lines, May 26), which has too many words that would make a reader think he is stating facts when he really is not, using terms like in saying that leaked Israeli intelligence reports “surely would” be shared with Moscow and “may have” led to the exposure of Israel’s source, “possibly” a fatal flaw, etc.

Also, in writing that “Israelis are not so interested” in Trump’s “crude behavior, flaunting presidential norms” and “possible obstruction” of the law, Rosenblatt makes statements that are opinion and derogatory, without the backup of fact.

He has an obligation as a reporter to report the facts and let the reader decide; Rosenblatt has the right to voice his own opinion in a different venue.

As he is the editor and publisher, I would expect more honest and truthful reporting. This article he wrote I find shameful.

Delray Beach, Fla.

Editor’s Note: The qualifying words cited here were used out of a sense of caution, so as to be fair. Perhaps more importantly, the piece in question was an opinion column, not a news story.