Times Have Changed


Chabad has reached a new extreme in legislating a dress code for the mothers of its students (“No Long Wigs or Bright Nail Polish – For Mothers,” June 9).

What I find most perplexing about this is that by this standard, even the Rebbe (were he alive, young and had daughters) would not be able to send his children there.

I have seen a published picture of his wife. She was fashionably dressed for the 1940s, her neck was exposed and so was her hair — she was wearing a fashionable hat atop her head.

A community that claims to stand on tradition seems to be more interested in how far it can go in oppressing its women, or perhaps it is trying to “one-up” other charedi groups. Either way, it does not enhance the value of being a “light unto the nations.”

New Rochelle, N.Y.