Bewildered And Amazed


I have read The Jewish Week on and off for the past generation with a tinge of bewilderment and amazement as every now and then your paper would publish an article or op-ed promoting or condoning intermarriage. But I have never seen one issue that goes out of its way to do so as has your June 23 issue.

It had five pieces supporting or condoning intermarriage, and not one condemning it. Which leads me to ask: What exactly is the agenda of The Jewish Week? Do you believe that the Hebrew race has no right to exist? If so, how are you much different than the Germans of the 1930s?

Why is it that you dedicate such inordinate amounts of ink to supporting “interfaith” couples and forgiving those who intermarry, and virtually no ink supporting those Jewish singles who are trying so hard against the odds to do the right thing — that is, marry a Hebrew of the opposite sex and reproduce the next generation of the most valiant and persecuted race in history?

Miami, Fla.