Fed Up


We have always been staunch supporters of the State of Israel as the home for the Jewish people. The recent actions of the Netanyahu government, under the thrall of the charedi minority, endangers both the concept of a home for all Jewish people and the actual existence of the Israeli state (“Diaspora Jews In a Bind On Next Moves,” July 7). Many of the charedim are an economic drain on the State, they do not help defend the State via the army and their rejection of those who don’t conform to their exact strictures is anathema to the spirit of the democracy.

To foreclose the hundreds of thousands of Russians from their Judaism is wrong. Was Ruth rejected when she declared, “Let your God be my God and your people be my people”? Had the new law on conversion been in existence, Ruth would not have been accepted and King David would not have been a Jew.

As observant Conservative Jews, we will support individual Israeli causes but no longer will we contribute to the State of Israel. If things continue in the direction they appear to be going, it is doubtful our children and grandchildren will feel much connection to the State—if it still exists.

Jamaica, Queens

The Meyers are past presidents of a Conservative synagogue in Queens.