Unfair To Trump Family


I am disturbed to see that The Jewish Week has succumbed to the “Trump media rules” of printing petty criticism and the nastier the better, not only about President Trump, but his children as well. I refer to the following in your June 23 issue: the Letter to the Editor (“No Sympathy for Ivanka”) and the article (“Jared Speaks”).

Ivanka is no slouch and if she was anyone but a Trump, she would be admired. She graduated Wharton Business School cum laude, etc. But all letter-writer Diane Burstein can see is that Ivanka “has plenty of help and was handed her position in the Trump organization.” Ms. Burstein caps off her disparaging letter by suggesting that Ivanka look to her father for the viciousness of D.C. politics.

And then we have a JTA article that seemingly calls out the Internet’s criticism of Jared Kushner for having a New Jersey accent. In reality, the JTA piece does the same, including noting Jared’s “nasal” pronunciation of certain words. And the article quotes a question posed by another critic: How does Jared’s “experience as a real estate developer qualify him to solve the opioid epidemic while also achieving Mideast peace”?

We could ask the same question about our past president. How did being a Chicago community organizer and less-than-one-term U.S. senator qualify President Obama to solve those same problems? Over the last eight years opioid overdoses and deaths have increased substantially, as has the amount of opioids illegally imported into the U.S. In the Middle East, we saw ISIS rise in Syria and Iraq and then spread to another 16 countries and we saw Russia, which had lost its power in the Middle East by the 1990s, invited back (by the U.S.) to become a strong power broker opposing our interests.

Let’s hope that Mr. Kushner can do better. And let’s hope that The Jewish Week does not continue to pander to anti-Trump readers.

Boynton Beach, Fla.