On Humanistic Jewish Views


I was very surprised that you opted to print Paul Golin’s Opinion piece, “Intermarriage Is The Wrong Bogeyman” (July 14). It’s one thing when a newspaper prints a Letter to the Editor, and it’s quite different when it gives credibility to someone who does not have adequate knowledge about the subject matter.

Not only does Golin give a hechsher [permission] to his intermarriage; much is written about his own misconceptions about Judaism. Our liturgy does not allude to the fact that one who lives a long life is being rewarded and one who dies prematurely is being punished. What is his source? Moreover, Golin believes that Jews who acknowledge the Creator believe that God answers personal prayers. Jews believe that the Creator hears prayer (shomaya t’fillah), not obeys our prayers.

Does Golin believe that the descendants of humanistic Jews will remain Jewish or will they just blend into the general society and possibly decorate Christmas trees and hunt for Easter eggs like most other Americans?

Roslyn Heights, L.I.