Naïve On Palestinians


Re: “On Wishing I’d Been Sightless In Gaza” (Hebron Dispatch, July 21): Time for this naive rabbi to meditate on the word “clan.” Because that is at the heart of how Arab society operates. There is no Palestinian nation. There are merely clans and they look out for one thing and one thing only: their own.

Murder and mayhem and honor killings are rife. Politics and diplomacy are meaningless. Nation is an alien concept. Religion is only a subtext.

On a separate note, Israel absorbed as many refugees from Arab lands as there were refugees from where Israel now stands. We had no UNRWA. We had nothing but a desire to make them into “un-refugees.”

Letting a liberal rabbi loose in the muck and mire of willful Arab savagery, guided by a “clansman,” is about the dumbest thing one can do, besides then publishing his well-intentioned addition to the pavement on the road to hell.