On Orthodox Start-Up Communities


As the rabbi of a liberal Orthodox start-up community, Kehilat Moshe in Southern Brooklyn, I was inspired by Shira Hanau’s article, “Orthodox Millennials Recasting Worship” (July 28).

As our community embarks on the fifth year of its journey, we too realize the imperative of engaging a new generation of Jews who are no longer willing go along with a “backseat religion.”

Our Kehilah is home to a diverse group of Jews who seek an alternative to the conventional synagogue. We seek every opportunity to make Judaism relevant to the 21st century realities of modern life. In this vein, we incorporate technology in our educational programming to engage a wider audience of individuals interested in exploring Judaism. We also provide different options and styles of services which include informal prayer groups with participatory discussions. The objective is to enable any Jew, regardless of background or commitment level, to be part of the story of our people as opposed to passive observers.

In that spirit we are honored to join the ranks of those new congregations mentioned in the article which seek to make Judaism a vibrant and living entity in this post-modern era.

Kehilat Moshe of Sheepshead Bay