Whose Israel?


Re: “Diaspora Support No Longer Automatic” (Editorial, July 7): The Reform Jews in America are actually at fault for this problem [over egalitarian prayer at the Western Wall]. They want Reform Jews to have the same rights as the Orthodox. But the Orthodox won’t work with them because just meeting with a Reform rabbi would, in their eyes, give the Reform movement legitimacy, as if the religious practice of most Jews in the U.S. do not matter.

If Israel thinks that all Jews are going to support an Orthodox state, they have another thing coming. If Israelis are as self-sufficient as they often claim, why are they always begging for money, especially the Orthodox?

Some Orthodox say U.S. Jews should have no say in Israel because we don’t live there. Our money makes a big footprint. Israel was founded by non-Orthodox Jews, most of them non-observant, and many were atheists. If we don’t have a say because we’re not Jews like you, kiss our bucks good-bye.