Terrifying But Necessary Story


This is a very important and long overdue article about a situation that cannot just be shoved underneath a bench, as if it did not exist. And it should bother any Jew that hears about it, for every Jew should care about their fellow Jewish brother or sister in distress.

I am disturbed how family is not mentioned too much here at all — just community. Did their family throw them out of the house? I hate to play the blame the parents game, but still, had the parents shown some warmth toward their rebellious kids, would they still have run after heroin to feel good? It is quite clear that any person on this planet wants to be loved, and if they do not get it, they will look for it, even if it means overeating, drugs or crime. People want to be noticed, and not rejected, and this type of reckless behavior is sometimes a cry for help.

What creeps me out, though, is wondering how someone like Chana Giber can cope with all her friends dying on her like that in such a cruel fashion, and here she is in the same scary boat.

This article was terrifying but very necessary, and one can only hope that Chana, and all the other unfortunate afflicted young men and women with this unfortunate addiction problem, get all the help that they need, to have a better tomorrow.

Mesivta of Greater Miami