The Arc Tank $200,000 Challenge


Call for Ideas to Positively Disrupt the System

Do you have an idea that could positively disrupt the system, offering innovation in the area of safety and wellbeing, employment, technology, housing, transportation or socialization for individuals with disabilities? We want to hear it —submit your idea by September 29th!

The Northeast Arc and the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation want your ideas to identify innovative concepts to help positively disrupt the system to improve the lives of persons with intellectual disabilities and/or autism and their families. We are looking for out-of-the-box ideas for The Arc Tank and people who can imagine possibilities, be creative and want to change the status quo.

Would we have ever imagined that the largest cab companies in the world would not own a single vehicle? Or that the largest supplier of rooms per night would not own a single hotel? Or that we would shop whenever and wherever we want and that anything would be delivered to our doorsteps in a matter of hours or days?

What if this kind of thinking could be applied to people with disabilities? The Northeast Arc thinks that the possibilities are out there! You might have a great innovative idea but just need some funding. What would you do? The Northeast Arc intends to give away up to $200,000 to improve the lives of people with disabilities in this inaugural year.

For more information and to submit ideas, click here.

About the Northeast Arc
The Northeast Arc, since its inception in the early 1950s, has provided the supports, education and training to people with disabilities, and their families, to help them become full and engaged members of the community, choosing for themselves how to live, learn, work, socialize and play. The founding families advocated for a better future, one that defined possibilities over limitations.

In the past 63 years, the Northeast Arc has been on the forefront of providing services that assist a person in not only identifying their dreams, but providing the building blocks and supports to achieve those dreams. Services and supports may span a person’s life and include Early Intervention, Family Support, Personal Assistance, School to Work Transition, Residential and Community Living Supports, Education and Day Activities and Employment Training, Education and Placement Supports. The Northeast Arc also operates the North of Boston Regional Autism Support Center and four businesses that provide employment training and education to people with disabilities in an inclusive environment.

Through the array of opportunities available, the Northeast Arc serves over 9,000 people annually in more than 190 Massachusetts cities and towns. Northeast Arc is the largest Arc in the Commonwealth and the 2nd largest Arc in the country.

About the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation
The Mission of the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation was first articulated by Jacqueline Kennedy, who, when describing the yet-to-be-built library, envisioned it as a “vital center of education and exchange and thought, which will grow and change with the times.”

“It will be,” she wrote, “not only a memorial to President Kennedy but a living center of study of the times in which he lived, which will inspire the ideals of democracy and freedom in young people all over the world.”

The primary mission of the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation is to support the work of the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. In addition to its support of the Kennedy Library, the Kennedy Foundation directly sponsors programs and activities that help people understand the major challenges facing democracy today; that inspire current and future generations to political participation and public service; and that promote debate and discussion of issues at the heart of contemporary democracy that relate to the legacy of President John. F. Kennedy.