Incredibly Relatable Memes About Starting School


The Jewish holiday are in full swing, which just reminds us that it is the beginning of the school year. For any student, going back to school after a fun, easy going, and free summer is difficult. Here are hilariously accurate memes about the struggles students go through when starting school.

The constant reminder about going back to school at the end of the summer

And then you start thinking about summer assignments

The struggle of finding a first day of school outfit and the sadness you go through the night before the first day

The anxiety you have about the stress you’re going to have once school actually starts

And you can kiss sleeping goodbye

It’s not our fault if we forget how to do anything school related

And then, there is always the teacher

But there always those small wins that come with going back to school

And of course, the Jewish holidays gives us a little breather from the stresses of school

We are lucky though, because having the Jewish holidays at the beginning of the school year definitely eases the pain of going back; I mean who doesn’t look forward to kugel, lox and brisket? So let’s try to enjoy and not stress too much through another school year!