All In The Family


Thank you for the thought-provoking column by Gary Rosenblatt, “The Sad Descent From ‘Members Of The Tribe’ To Tribalism” (Oct. 27).

I am a Republican and member of the Reform movement. I am also a proud Trump voter. I see a slightly different angle as a congregant. I am often cringing from my seat as one of my rabbis pontificates on a liberal talking point that pushes my conservative comfort zone. Many ask why do I stay in a movement that doesn’t value diversity of thought? I counter that is the very reason to stay as a reminder that conservative voices are just as valid as liberal voices.

Our great Reform shuls should welcome all that wish to study and grow. We must make room for diversity of thought, including political opinions within our religious institutions. I value the rich Reform traditions, Torah lessons, teachings, and community outreach. I also value my Democratic and Republican community members. We are all members of the same family tribe.