Intra-Faith Issues On Display


How important that Gary Rosenblatt is bringing up intra-faith relations at this critical time (“The Sad Descent From ‘Members Of The Tribe’ To Tribalism,” Oct. 27).

There is no question that the polarization in the Jewish community is very strong. So, thank you for raising the issue in a broad way, not only with feelings but with statistics and examples.

Also in last week’s issue, The “Red And Blue In Shul” article by Avram Mlotek is a good example, as is Sandee Brawarsky’s piece, “Leaving The Fold, But Finding A Family.” And so is the front-page article, “Letter Ignites Interfaith Officiation Debate.”

Someday, when the history of this period of Jewish life is written, I think these Jewish Week pieces will be important sources of data about a fractious time in Jewish history that came not from without but from within.