Don’t Feel Guilty About Recognition


Denied the recognition of the centrality of Jerusalem to the Jewish people for some 2,000 of the 3,000 years of its obvious status as our capital, along comes a president to comply with a two-decades old law doing just that (“Recognizing Jerusalem: A Good Move For The Wrong Reasons,” Dec. 15).

One need not have attended a Jackie Mason routine about “Jewish sickness” to diagnose the pathology of a people who hold out for the “consent” of professional refugees of four generations — before these Jews dare accept this long-overdue recognition without reservation.

We, the Jewish people, resettled, without complaint, 800,000 Jews who resided for those 2,000 years in Muslim lands who were plundered, persecuted — and worse — for simply being Jews. There are no such Jews today existing as refugees. A half-million Palestinian refugees are today somehow 6 million.

When the Palestinians are ready to accept Israel’s repeated and generous offers for peace, we will know. In the meantime, my fellow Jews, you need not be their lawyer.

Great Neck, L.I.