Likes Novel Approach


Thank you for a terrific article “For Family Of Doers, A Tuition Break” (Jan. 26) about the Westchester Day School’s novel approach to tuition scholarships — asking recipients of a $15,000 financial aid scholarship [over two years] to pledge to volunteer in the local community for at least 75 hours each year.

What a great idea. Other nonprofits that provide grants to families who need financial help and even social service departments — at different levels of government — should offer similar grant options to people in need. The concept of asking people who receive financial help to give back also provides the recipient with more dignity and will make them feel better about themselves.

Rabbi Joshua Lookstein and the board of the Westchester Jewish Day School deserve to be commended for a very innovative initiative in grants that I hope will become a national model for other charities and social service agencies.

Town Supervisor, Greenburgh, N.Y.