Reconstructing Judaism


In “Reconstructionism Is Now Becoming A Verb” (Feb. 2), Rabbi Deborah Waxman, who heads the movement, says it is now called “Reconstructing Judaism.” What is it that Rabbi Waxman and her fellow Jews are trying to reconstruct? What is it that prevents them from doing what they feel compelled to do within the parameters of a religion that has existed for eons of time?

Judaism is rooted in a tradition and ethical framework that dates back thousands of years. It seems presumptuous to decide that simply by “changing an adjective and making it a verb,” as the rabbi puts it, a meaningful change will occur.

Also, what does “doing Jewish” — her phrase — mean, anyway? Catchy phrases are just that, catchy phrases. There is more to being a good Jew than coming up with a clever slogan or a new name and deciding to overhaul or reconstruct that which already exists.

“Reconstructing Judaism,” good luck with that.

Jamaica, Queens