Siding With The South Tel Avivians


A few years ago, my group of travelers with Americans for a Safe Israel/AFSI was taken to south Tel Aviv to meet May Golan, a young crusader from the area who was trying desperately to get people to understand what was happening in her community.

As thousands of Sudanese and Eritrean men were infiltrating illegally into Israel, life in May’s community had changed drastically. Living there with her mother, it is no longer safe for her elderly mother to venture forth on her own.

May met us at the synagogue and introduced us to Jewish residents of the area who told us stories of crime, some violent. Outside the synagogue, the migrants were loitering with seemingly nothing to do.

After we left, May called us to tell us there had been a knifing in the area where she wanted to take us. One of my group could have been the victim.

My suggestion to the bleeding hearts who are protesting against the deportation plans the government has set forth is to visit the area; just a short time spent in that area will convince the doubters that the government is doing the right thing in restoring south Tel Aviv to its Jewish residents.

Co-Executive Director, Americans for a Safe Israel/AFSI