Fallen Celebrities Form Kollel


Los Angeles—With many high-profile figures losing their jobs recently due to sexual misconduct, a number of once-prestigious actors, politicians, and other celebrities have formed a kollel—a Torah-learning group of men who do not work for a living.

The new kollel, known as Beis Behavior, includes Harvey Weinstein, Al Franken, Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer, and Kevin Spacey, among others.

Several of the “kollel guys,” as they call themselves, expressed their feelings about the new venture at the Shil Shul, a synagogue in Los Angeles where they meet each week to study Bible and Talmud.

“It’s a great opportunity for spiritual growth,” said Weinstein. “As a Hollywood producer, I fell from grace. I never thought Grace would tell anyone. But it’s all good.”

Franken explained, “I wanted to be Speaker of the House and bang the gavel. But apparently banging the gavel is considered a perversion. No matter. I now enjoy learning Torah instead.”

Rose said, “Life for me used to be a bed of Roses. And Shirleys. But I find being a kollel guy much more satisfying.”

Spacey added, “I just love the male bonding thing.”

Asked if anyone could join the kollel, Weinstein replied, “So far, we’ve accepted everybody but Anthony Weiner. After all, we do have our standards, and he was rejected out of hand.”

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