Israel Wins Gold At Winter Olympics


South Korea – An Israel chasid, Bo Bayom, easily won the curling competition here at the Winter Olympics last week in Sumdumgoy, South Korea. He said he has been curling his sidecurls since he was a little boy.

Unfortunately, other Israeli athletes fared less well. In the figure skating event, Israel placed last. Team member Mae Meriva explained, “We were supposed to skate figure eights. But the judges told us, ‘For you, seven ninety-five.’ It takes much longer to make three numbers than it does to make a simple eight, so we lost. Anti-Semites,” she muttered.

In the slalom competition, Israeli skier Asher Yatzar, a ba’al teshuva, also came in last because, as he skied downhill between the gates, he stopped to kiss the mezuzahs he had affixed to them before the race.

A teammate, Chaim Undbracha, also fared poorly in the slalom. “I thought the event was called the shalom, so I slowed down to greet the other skiers as they sped by me.”

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