Episode 1: Meet Two Orthodox Jewish Politicians Smashing The Glass Ceiling


Just last month The Jewish Week launched “The Chutzpah Podcast” with The Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance (JOFA), a podcast that seeks to redefine chutzpah hosted by Hannah Dreyfus and Sharon Weiss-Greenberg. The premiere episode starts off the series with a bang discussing women in politics. Today, women are running for office more than ever before but there is still a way to go. The hosts sat down with Shani Bechhofer and Cheryl Rosenberg — two female politicians who also happen to be Orthodox women — to chat about their experiences breaking the glass ceiling in their overwhelmingly male-dominated districts.

Dreyfus is a staff writer at The Jewish Week, and Weiss-Greenberg is the Executive Director of JOFA.

Each episode will introduce listeners to rabble-rousers in the Jewish community who are upending the status quo. Have someone in mind that you think we should feature on an upcoming episode? Contact us at chutzpahpodcast@gmail.com.

Listen to the episode on itunes here, and find other episodes of The Chutzpah Podcast here.