Episode 2: Bringing Mental Health Awareness To The Jewish Community


We’re back, chutzpah aficionados! Welcome to May, or Mental Health Awareness Month. Did you know that today, one in four adults struggle with mental illness? On this episode, The Chutzpah Podcast speaks with Efrem Epstein, the founder of Elijah’s Journey: A Jewish Response to Suicide, a nonprofit raising awareness in the Jewish community about suicide and its connection to mental illness. Efrem opens up about his own personal struggle with depression and suicidism, a chutzpah nurtured over time and the importance of just being a “nice” person in an increasingly chaotic world.

For more information on the topic of mental health awareness, check out The Jewish Week’s three-part series on mental health start-ups in the Jewish community, which was just awarded a Simon Rockower Award for excellence in healthcare reporting. Together, we can shatter the stigma.

Listen to episode one here, where we chat with two female politicians shattering the glass celling in their male-dominated fields.

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